3rd International ESSENCE Workshop:Algorithms for Processing Meaning

Workshop Programme

Day 1: Wednesday 20 May
09:30–10:00 Welcome and introduction
10:00–11:30 Session 1: Interaction & meaning
10:00–10:30 Tania Marques and Michael Rovatsos – Towards a Taxonomy of Task-Oriented Domains of Communication
10:30–11:00 Michael Anslow and Michael Rovatsos – Bridging the Gap between Graph-based Semantic Structures and Experientially Grounded Representations
11:00–11:15 Paula Chocron and Marco Schorlemmer – Social Coordination Systems with Ontology Heterogeneity
11:15–11:30 Kemo Adrian – Argumentation and agreement over concept's meaning in simple scenarios
11:30–12:00 Coffee break
12:00–13:00 Session 2: Evolution & learning
12:00–12:30 Yana Knight, Michael Spranger and Luc Steels – A vector representation of Fluid Construction Grammar using Holographic Reduced Representations: first steps and a small case study
12:30–12:45 Emilia Garcia-Casademont – Tracking Language Evolution: Construction Distance
12:45–13:00 Yanchao Yu, Oliver Lemon and Arash Eshghi – Interactive Learning for Multimodal Language Grounding
13:00–14:30 Lunch
14:30–15:30 Session 3: Data & semantics
14:30–14:45 Mercedes Huertas-Migueláñez – Crowdsourcing for building and maintaining multilingual knowledge resources
14:45–15:00 Aimilios Vourliotakis, Michael Rovatsos and Carlos Ruiz Moreno – Validation of entity relations in linked data
15:00–15:15 Abhijeet Gupta, Gemma Boleda, Marco Baroni and Sebastian Padó – Mapping conceptual features to referential properties
15:15–15:30 Kwabena Amoako Nuamah – Using Rich Inference to Find Novel Answers to Questions
15:30–16:00 Coffee break
16:00–18:00 Poster Session
Day 2: Thursday 21 May
09:30–10:30 Invited talk: Luc Steels
10:30–11:00 Coffee break
11:00–13:00 Session 4: Human communication
11:00–11:30 Julian Schlöder – Towards a Formal Semantics of Pitch Contour
11:30–12:00 Thomas Brochhagen – Minimal Requirements for Productive Compositional Signaling
12:00–12:30 Paul Van Eecke – Achieving Robustness through the Integration of Language Production in Comprehension
13:00–14:30 Lunch
14:30–15:45 Session 5: Ontologies & semantics
14:30–15:00 Paolo Pareti, Benoît Testu, Ryutaro Ichise, Ewan Klein and Adam Barker –Integrating Know-How into the Linked Data Cloud
15:00–15:30 David Pearce and Agustin Valverde – Synonymy in Computational Knowledge Systems: An Example and some Research Challenges
15:30–15:45 Mattia Fumagalli – An Ontological Foundation for ER Models
15:45–16:15 Coffee break
16:15–17:30 Panel discussion & award giving
20:30–23:00 Social Dinner
15:30–16:00 Coffee break
16:00–18:00 Poster Session
Day 3: Friday 22 May
09:30–11:00 Session 6: Application challenges
09:30–10:00 Indrek Jentson – How to Record the Meaning of the Figurative Language
10:00–10:30 Nicola Bova and Michael Rovatsos – Towards a Framework for Winograd Schemas Resolution
10:30-11:00 Mladjan Jovanovic – Gamifying Knowledge Maintenance
11:00–11:30 Coffee break (closing of open workshop part)
11:30–13:00 Project meeting (only for ESSENCE network members)
13:00–14:30 Lunch
14:30–17:30 Training session (only for ESSENCE Fellows)

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