Recent and upcoming activities, August 2016

Recent publications:

  • K. Adrian, A. Bilgin, P. Van Eecke, "A Semantic Distance based Architecture for a Guesser Agent in ESSENCE's Location Taboo Challenge," accepted for publication in the Proceedings of International Workshop on Diversity-Aware Artificial Intelligence (DIVERSITY 2016) at ECAI 2016, The Hague, NL

Upcoming talks:

  • Thomas Brochhagen: "Learning biases may prevent lexicalization of pragmatic inferences: a case study combining iterated (Bayesian) learning and functional selection", CogSci 2016, Philadelphia, 13.08.2016.
  • Thomas Brochhagen: "Why semantics when pragmatics? And which? Replicator dynamics meets iterated Bayesian learning", agents reading group, Edinburgh, 22.08.2016.