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ESSENCE Taboo City Challenge Results

The following are the results achieved by the three agents that successfully participated to the competition. Agents were evaluated against a pre-determined set of 109 games describing 84 unique cities. The games and the hints provided in each game were collected from real gameplays played by humans through the free GUESSence app. The evaluation games are now available online, starting from ID=1 until ID=109 (see the Handbook for the proper API call). Note that you need a valid token to play the games, that you can obtain (if you have not already done so) by using the online registration form.

The scores below were computed based on the number of incorrect guesses, using the formula announced in the Challenge Handbook. The lower the score the better the performance of the agent. In addition, a 20-minute timeout was applied to each individual guess: in case an agent did not return an answer for 20 minutes, the game was declared to be over and the agent was provided with the next game.

1. Mandalina

Games won: 18 out of 109 (16.51%)
Total number of guesses: 290
Score: 745

2. The Vec Guessers

Games won: 13 out of 109 (11.92%)
Total number of guesses: 293
Score: 773


Games won: 6 out of 109 (5.50%)
Total number of guesses: 197
Score: 816

More detailed statistics will follow soon.

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