ESSENCE Final Conference Programme

Time Saturday 7th October, 2017 Sunday 8th October, 2017 Monday 9th October, 2017
9:00 Michael Rovatsos: The ESSENCE Path to Diversity-Aware AI Diana Maynard: Adapting NLP tools to diverse data: challenges and solutions Anca Dumitrache: Harnessing the Diversity in Crowdsourcing with CrowdTruth
9:45 ESSENCE Fellows’ presentations (Francisco Quesada, Paolo Pareti, Dagmar Gromann)
Roberto Navigli: Multilinguality for free, or why you should care about linking to (BabelNet) synsets Kobi Gal: Solving the disengagement problem by reasoning about users' diversity: predictions, interventions and experiments
10:30 Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break
11:00 ESSENCE Fellows’ presentations  (Mercedes Huertas, Huygaa Batsuren, Aysenur Bilgin) Jerome Euzenat: Knowledge diversity under socio-environmental pressure Fausto Giunchiglia: Understanding and Exploiting Language Diversity
11:45 ESSENCE Fellows’ presentations (Paula Chocron, Kemo Adrian) Robert van Rooij: Generics: non-monotonic logic or valuable associations? Discussion
12:30 Lunch Lunch Close (Lunch optional)
14:00 Oliver Kutz: From Conceptual Blending to Computational Concept Invention Nicolas Maudet: Explanation in decision-aiding: old questions and new challenges
14:45 Claudia d’Amato:  A Machine Learning Perspective for Ontology Mining Chris Reed: Arguing with Machines
15:30 Coffee break Coffee break
16:00 Eva Blomqvist: Understanding the world through ontology patterns Valentina Tamma: New models of knowledge sharing: opportunistic ontology negotiation
16:45 Andrea Baronchelli: The Spontaneous Emergence of Consensus: From Social Conventions to Shared Categories Discussion
17:30 Discussion Close
18:15 Close
18:30 Welcome Drinks Reception
19:30 Dinner Dinner


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