Brochures and Posters

ESSENCE Overview Brochure

ESSENCE Final Booklet

ESSENCE Promotional Poster

ESSENCE Information Poster

ESSENCE Challenge Competition Poster


Tutorial Materials

ESSENCE Tutorial IK 2017


Interview with Marco Schorlemmer, IIIA-CSIC, Barcelona

Interview with Carlos Ruiz, TAIGER, Madrid

Presentation videos

First ESSENCE Workshop

First ESSENCE Autumn School

Pictures from various events

Pictures from the First ESSENCE Workshop in Edinburgh, April 2014.

_DSC2492 _DSC2499 _DSC2520 _DSC2514

The Edinburgh ESSENCE team explaining commonsense reasoning to children and families at the National Museum of Scotland during EU Researchers' Night in September 2014.



The Barcelona ESSENCE team talking to schoolchildren in Barcelona about AI.



ESSENCE Fellows working away at the Second Coding Camp in San Feliu de Guixols.

20150529_000030 copy20150528_153619 copy


Pictures from the DIVERSITY 2016 Workshop at ECAI 2016 (Fourth ESSENCE Workshop).

diversity-antonella diversity-marcel diversity1


Our exhibition booth at IJCAI 2016 in Buenos Aires.

DSCF4014 DSCF4023


Pictures from the Second ESSENCE Summer School in Edinburgh, August 2015.

DSCF4668 DSCF4696 DSCF4679 DSCF4658

Pictures from the Third Summer School in Como, September 2016.

school-villa school-lecture1school-lecture2 school-poster3 school-poster4




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